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Have You Seen Me?
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Have You Seen Me?

Hello! My name is Keno—and I miss my family!

I am six months old, and my family last saw me in Tulare, in the area of English Gables, on Gem between Merritt and Prosperity around 5 p.m. on October 27th.

I was bad and escaped under a fence.

I am a maltese/poodle/shitzu mix, and I’m brownish-grey, with a slight scar on my underside (I was recently neutered).

I weigh just under 10 lbs, and I was not wearing a collar (yes, I’ve learned my lesson).

My mommy needs me—I bring joy to her life, after she lost a loved one earlier this year.

If you have seen me, or have information that could lead me home, please call (559) 859-7595 or (559) 805-7840.

By the way, my mommy is offering a REWARD.

I miss my home, my mommy and my regular food.


Families, Pets

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